Why barefoot is the best for kids

Have you noticed that many children unexpectedly get their feet off their socks or shoes? This is because walking barefoot facilitates exploration by ensuring contact with the surrounding environment. The foot, in fact, to learn to perform its functions, must interact as much as possible with the surrounding environment through experience.  køb cialis

Being barefoot also strengthens the leg muscles. In this sense it is especially recommended to let the children walk on the sand. Children can also be left alone on other types of land such as the house floor or the grass. Of course nobody wants them to get hurt with dangerous glasses and objects. In fact, it is good to observe previously the environment in which you decide to let your child play barefoot.

Here are some reasons why children should be kept barefoot as much as possible:

Sense of freedom: walking barefoot promotes the knowledge of your body and its skills.

Intelligence: barefoot walking improves intellectual development by encouraging visual coordination.

Balance: barefoot walking promotes balance and stability. In case of young children, leaving them often barefoot promotes an early walk.

Bone development: walking barefoot promotes proper joint and bone development. Every type of beauty shoe for newborns is strongly discouraged and should be limited only to particular occasions. They could lead to a non-optimal bone and joint development.

Finally walking barefoot avoids the formation of fungi, bacteria, sweat and calluses. All situations that are instead highly favored by wearing shoes.

Listen to the instinct of your little ones: they seem to know all this and instinctively take off their shoes and socks just because this is more natural by exploring the environment around them. In addition, the shoes often give a sense of constraint to both adults and children!