Trekking with kids: where can you take them?

Spring is almost over and temperatures are rising more and more. Often many mothers with the first warm have the desire to reach fresher places to spend a nice weekend with their family. It is time for trekking! Among these places, one of the most visited destination is definitely the mountain ankare.

As a matter of fact, various scientific studies have shown how the mountains are beneficial for both children and parents. Walking in the mountains with backpacks or baby carriers allows us to train band to breath good air. Several pediatricians claim that if permanence is on mountains that do not exceed 3000 meters, even for small children – provided they are in good health – are suitable even for medium-long periods.

It is important not to subject newborns to continuous pressure fluctuations and therefore to sudden changes in altitude. Particular attention has to be given in case of crossing mountain passes. An example: it is good to make small intermediate stops by letting the child drink a lot to avoid the so-called plugged ear disorders.

Doctors say

I asked several pediatricians what they think about holidays in the mountains with small children:

The risk about altitude that does not exceed 3000 meters of acute pulmonary and cerebral edema, is equal to the one in adults and takes place in the same way. A healthy newborn, therefore, does not find any problem to stay at these quotas. Of course we must take appropriate precautions to prevent some disturbances, such as plugged ears. Except this, mountains are absolutely a panacea for all ages.

baby wearing trekking mountain fitness
Sofie and me at our first stop!

It is true that under the age of two, any journey in a different environment can create physiological changes in mood, appetite or sleep. In any case it is better not to exceed 2000 meters in altitude below the one year.

Anyway, this is not bad news for mothers who love the mountains: there are in fact numerous trekking destinations between 1200 and 2000 meters above sea level.  Among these we mention Trentino Alto Adige, Valtellina and Engadine.

All these destinations are well equipped for children and, in the summer, as far as walks and activities to do with your family are concerned, you are spoiled for choice.

However, do not forget that the destination and the rhythm must meet the child’s needs. As an example, there are many “interactive” walks that allow children to discover and learn about the surrounding area. These include the Sentiero Spirito del Bosco, in the province of Como, the Majella Park in Abruzzo or the Heidi Flower Trail in the Engadine, St. Moritz.

Dress up properly

baby trekking mountain engadin
Sofie resting a little bit

Remember also to dress your children properly. The correct mountain clothing is the so-called layered clothing. Think of sunscreen (the sun in the high mountains is very strong) and especially sunglasses and water for the duration of the journey. 

In these pictures me and Sofie started our trekking from Pontresina, Engadina. We walked to the Alp Languard and came back direction mountain lodge Unterer Schafberg (7.5 km, 435 D+, approximately 2 hours).

If you want to join us or get some advices about how to organize a safe and amusing trekking with your child, you can have a look here.