Tips for running with a jogging stroller

We often hear about stroller running or stroller jogging.

mama running stroller fitmamas

What is it about? Stroller running means to run with with the stroller. It is a practice that is becoming more and more common, given the amount of running buggies that exist on the market.

Most of the advice to practice the stroller running are about safety. First of all you need to buy a suitable stroller: these are models designed specifically for running. Safety and comfort of your little passenger is taken very seriously. Before starting, it is advisable to check that the child is correctly secured and that any bags are under the stroller and not hanging from the handlebars. Obviously you should also think about any wind / rain covers for the stroller.

The choice of the route is important: try to avoid sidewalks. Cycle paths are much more comfortable. Avoid particularly busy roads. In this way you will have more freedom of movement and you will breathe clean air. Choose easy routes.

One of the most recommended accessory for a running stroller is the wrist strap: during the activity, keeps the stroller secured to the adult.

mama running stroller fitmamas

Pay attention to weather conditions. A runner can run in the cold, in the rain and even when it’s snowing, but keep in mind that the thermoregulation mechanisms of the little ones are not like those of the adults.

Avoid wearing headphones. Many runners listen to music as they run, but since the child is not always visible he must at least be heard; otherwise there is the risk of not noticing any inconvenience or problems.

Finally, remember that it is generally recommended to practice the stroller running with children who are able to keep their heads straight on their own. Usually we talk about a period that goes from about 6 months.

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