Super mom: Anne is running the Engadiner Sommerlauf

The Engadiner Sommerlauf with Anne

How I met Anne is very unique. I can say that Anne’s son is the first kid Sofie saw.

Anne and I met at the hospital while giving birth. We shared the room and our children were born one day apart.

I can say that Anne saw the worst of me. Sport reunite us one year later.

Anne is back again shortly after birth (how to start running in 21 days) and on the 19th of August will run the 25 km Engadiner Sommerlauf for Fit Mamas.

I asked her to answer a few questions and to introduce herself.

Anne Schiffner

My name is Anne Schiffner. I am 35 years old and live with my partner and my 1 year old son in the beautiful Engadine. You can often find us outdoor on the playgrounds, on the hiking trails and lakes nearby. I have an active lifestyle. I like to run and keep fit through fitness. Professionally, I am a guest consultant RINGANA partner.

Why are you running?

It all started when I wanted to do something for my body – especially for my legs. Then I realized that it is a nice balance to everyday life for me. It is a nice way to recharge batteries.

When did you start walking?

I started at the age of 18. At first very slowly and on a short run. It’s great to see how quickly your condition improves.

Mom to mom: do you still have time to run?

Yes. Not as much as in the past, but I manage to keep the goal of going twice a week. That works, because I mostly do sport with my little one. As soon as I got the OK from my doctor, I was looking for a running track to start with. I started to push the stroller, put on my running shoes and changed the walk into a run. That’s what I’m doing now. 

Do you think that in the future you will also be running with your kid?

Yes, as long as he feels like it, we will continue to do sport together. I do not just mean running. With the child babycarrier you can also make wonderful fitness. I have already incorporated exercises into our everyday lives from the beginning. So I got fit quickly and my closeness made him feel good. Now that he’s older, he thinks it’s really funny.

What do you expect from the Engadiner Sommerlauf 2018? 

I run because it makes me feel good and I like the event and the track. I am proud of myself. I find the time to do sport even being a mom and having to work.  I expect that I will enjoy the track and hope I will get at the finish line with some energy to face the rest of the day (mums really need it!). 

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