Sport and nutrition: my secret to be fit

Sport and nutrition

Many of the mothers who train have asked me what I eat and how I set up my training plan in relation to nutrition.

First of all it is important to know that a good performance or result is obtained only by associating a good nutrition to your training plan. Whatever sport you decide to practice, remember to eat well, especially if you come out of a beautiful experience like that of becoming a mother.

What does “eating well” mean?

Eating well does not mean depriving yourself, but carefully choosing the right food.

To feel good it is necessary to introduce a certain amount of fat, but it is equally advisable not to exceed. All fats are equal in terms of energy input, but in terms of quality they can be very different. Therefore, prefer unsaturated fats (oils, seed and olive vegetables, nuts, hazelnuts, olives and fish) to saturated fats (cheeses, whole milk, cream, butter, fatty meats and their derivatives). Personally at mid-morning I always eat, along with some fruit about 40 grams of walnuts.

Every day I take alternately a portion of chicken, fish, eggs or other protein foods of vegetable origin, for example tofu or seitan. I tend to avoid red meat because the red fibers have a higher fat content and a smaller digestibility.

Cereals and legumes are important because they bring carbohydrates (especially starch and fiber), but also vitamins and minerals. Cereals, and especially legumes, are also good sources of protein. Carbohydrates are absorbed (slower than starch, faster than simple carbohydrates) and easily used for energy purposes by the body without producing metabolic waste. That’s why every day at lunch I take cereals, legumes or even pasta (preferring that of spelled or buckwheat).

For every meal I always take vegetables and once a day (preferably mid-morning), I also take seasonal fruit. In general I divide my day of 5 meals.

Finally, I try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and also something more when I do sport. I avoid sugary drinks and limit the consumption of tea and coffee.

Observing all these rules and having a very fast metabolism – thanks above all to the fact that I share my meals in 5 rations a day – once a week I eat what I want, satisfying all my desires for any type of food or drink. It’s good for the mood!

Do not know how to set up your training plan in relation to your training? Trust a good nutritionist and get advice. Every sport needs a different caloric intake!