Sport after birth: do’s and don’ts

Getting fit after birth

I have asked several midwives when mums should start doing sport after birth.

In first forty days after giving birth, our body should not be subjected to excessive stress. Therefore, dedicate yourself to soft exercises during this period, such as breathing exercises or Kegel exercises (perineal gymnastics).

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Karen and I

If it is true that our body needs about a year to return to the physical condition preceding childbirth, it is equally true that puerperium is a very delicate period in women. Uterus and organs must resume their previous dimensions.

In the case of caesarean section, it is advisable to wait until the wound has completely healed (ask your doctor).

What sports can you practice after childbirth?

After forty days you can start thinking about sport again. 

Some examples:

Do you like trekking or fast walks? You can carry the baby with you in a baby carrier or in a band. It is important to be helped in the choice of bands and baby carriers by special advisors. By doing so, you verify that the purchased support is the most suitable for your needs and those of the child. From the 6th month I have chosen a Kibi baby carrier with adjustable panel. No backpack at least up to 6 months. The child should be able to support the head alone (remember that the backpack is not an ergonomic support). Depending on the type of route you can also evaluate the use of a stroller. On the market there are different types: jogging, trekking, citystroller, etc. Personally I feel good with my Valco Snap 4 – four wheels drive with sport pack – suitable for all types of terrain and above all very light (just over 6kg).

Do you go cycling? You can bring your baby into a bike trailer. Remember that as long as your kid will not be able to hold his head by himself, you will have to put him in the carseat.

You go to the gym? Of course you can gradually start again training with special precautions. It is certainly not recommended any type of exercise that stresses the abdominal rectum, such as crunches or obliques. The classic plank is instead recommended. So pay attention to the type of course or exercise you choose.

Do you do Yoga? Yoga is definitely the ideal discipline both as physical and mental recovery. There are different types of yoga so make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Running in Zuoz

You prefer running? Begin gradually with small distances and after having done a proper rehabilitation of your pelvic floor. In fact, the pelvic floor must be re-educated after birth. The most common consequence of run without rehabilitation of the pelvic floor is urinary incontinence or a feeling of heaviness or pressure. Start running when your pelvic floor is feeling good. In general we are talking about a period between 4 and 6 months after childbirth, but it is still subjective.

Do you want to know which is the right sport or activity for you with or without your baby? Write me an e-mail!