Running after birth: wait at least 4 to 6 months. Why?

If you are reading here, it means that you have already decided to start running after birth. You have it in mind, yes, you only need that little push that can make you take the first step.

When I started again, I took it as time of escape all for myself: from my work, from my family, from my thoughts. A moment dedicated only to me and my daughter (I was carrying her in the stroller). I wanted to find my pace in the world that I had lost and feel fit again after pregnancy. I started very slowly having had a rather long and difficult delivery. First with short walks, then with longer walks and in the end I replaced these walks with small runs cialis generika schweiz preis. Initially my body suggested me to slow down. The effort was even greater due to the altitude I live at. I had a feeling of “weight” and pain just in the area of ​​my pelvic floor.
Now, two years later, I advise everyone to start running after pregnancy but with due precautions. I got my pace back and I’ve also become faster.

First of all, regardless of the individual reaction, the type of birth must always be taken into account. In the case of a caesarean section it is necessary to wait until the wound is completely healed.

Once the first six canonical weeks are over, we need to evaluate the health in our pelvic floor. To support and work against the force of gravity the pelvic floor is subjected to a considerable effort being a constituent part of the birth canal (read also: what is the pelvic floor?). Some mothers may experience urinary leakage in the presence of abnormal pressure changes in the abdominal cavity (urinary incontinence).

Wait to run at least 4-6 months after giving birth and in the meantime train with yoga, Kegel exercises aimed at the recovery of the pelvic floor or with fast walks on flat or uphill.

After 6 months you can also start sharing the run with your baby. In general you can start running with your child in the stroller when it is able to support the head independently. Normally this period starts from the 6 months of life of the child. Avoid baby carriers to bring run with your child.

Human beings need patience. We are not machines and our body needs to be driven with the right patience.