Road to Grossglockner Ultra Trail: my goal for 2019

Road to Grossglockner Ultra Trail

I’ve always been a sporty and my passion continues even as a mother. This summer I bet on me and with a pair of tshoes, a bottle of water and a lot of determination I went to meet Anne-Marie. As a Personal Trainer, Runner and Fitness Instructor I try to continuously invest in my training. I like betting on myself. That’s why I met Anne-Marie Flammersfeld. Because I want to do an ultra.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld 

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld, graduated in Physical Education and ultra trail runner, is the only woman in the world who in 2012 won the Racing The Planet – 4 Deserts Series (250 km for each race). In addition of being my point of reference, Anne-Marie will support me in this project by providing me with an adequate training plan, so that I can combine work, motherhood and free time.

Who better than Anne-Marie could bring me to reach my goal?

With her company All Mountain Fitness in St. Moritz, in fact, Anne-Marie deals with sports projects and individual training in the beautiful Engadine and in the whole world. 

My goal

Being a mother and do sport is a choice, but often involves many sacrifices and time that I do not have.

From today this will be my goal: compete for the Grossglockner Ultra Trail in Austria. 48 km and 2000 meters of vertical meter are waiting for me. From today Anne will be my point of reference along these 12 months of training, which separate me from the start for this race.

During this period we will run a crowd-founding campaign that will allow us to help Paulchen Esperanza, a non-profit organization that deals with building schools, providing services and materials to children in developing countries.

In this year I will show you how, as a woman and mother, it is possible, with constancy and good will, to compete in a similar race.

Intermediate stop will definitely be the Limone Extreme this October 2018 in Limone del Garda, Italy.

My motivation 

I want to feel free to do something extraordinary. I want to set a good example and show that good will is power.

We have to listen to our body and if we do not do it we are foolish. Suddenly we must put aside lazinessand decide to take care of it. I think of pregnancy and how much attention we reserve in this period. We feed it well. We are careful. We support him and give him all the necessary care and if we overpower him, we apologize with it and immediately try to remedy. Why then do we stop taking care of it?

Let’s think about the fact that it is important to do sports, because moving is simply good. It is good for your life! 

Sports is about finding yourself, socializing and getting out of a sedentary lifestyle. Sports leads to better sleep and improves our mood. In the morning I have more energy even before my coffee. In the evening I am exhausted but I have the courage to go to do my training in the open air because I know that later I will be better. When I leave the shower I’m really satisfied with myself and this is the best thing of all!

From today on I will talk about my small achievements and this beautiful project. 

Let’s enjoy the path together!

Who said that ultra trail runners are just men?