Road to Engadin Ultraks: an adventure with Dynafit

The project

Some time ago I talked about the Engadin Ultraks project.

My husband Andrea will participate in the vertical race (4.56 km, 928 D +) with the little Sofie in the backpack and I will run the 1300 D + the 16.3 km. Both races have the highest point at the Chamanna Segantini, 2730mt.

running trailrunning fitmamas  We have been training for a few months now. Despite mama’s commitments and other projects, I try to train almost every day. It’s not that easy for Andrea. He has to combine the training with the little Sofie. Sofie, however, quickly got used to the backpack and also seems to have a lot of fun staying in it.

For these two races, we are supported by one of the largest portals for mountain lodges.

Dynafit will accompany us on the weekend. I have chosen the Dynafit outfit from the Alpine Running collection.

What is the right clothing for trail running?

running trailrunning fitmamas Tank Top Alpine Seamless and Rock Ultra 2IN1: the tank top is made of breathable material and the skirt with integrated shorts guarantees maximum freedom of movement. Rock ‘n’ roll on the trails!

In trail running shoes are the most important accessory. My model is the Dynafit Feline SL. The first thing that strikes me is that the shoe is very light. It actually weighs only 250gr. Perfect for vertical or skyrace. Like those we face next weekend! When you’re wearing them, you feel a sense of comfort and softness while the the foot is supported at the same time.

Another indispensable summer accessory is a backpack with a pocket for the camel bag. Mine is the backpack Dynafit Vertical 4 with a capacity of up to 25lt, as far as the camel bag is concerned. In this heat, it is important to drink a lot of water and therefore I prefer a water reserve on the whole route.

It is always better to have a windproof jacket in your backpack. The weather, especially in the high mountains, can change quickly and you may have to deal with bad weather conditions quickly: the Dynafit TLT 3 L is the perfect solution.

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