Mudra of the day: against sickness, stress and tiredness

It could be defined as a simple therapy without contraindications. We are talking about mudras, also known as hand yoga because they provide special positions to rebalance body and mind and alleviate in this way various illnesses, including stress, anxiety, stomach ache, swelling and constipation.

Mudras are tightly connected with the energy of the universe and their purpose is precisely to channel this energy into our body and therefore benefit from it. According to Eastern tradition, the ends of the energy channels (the so-called meridians) of all our organs arrive into the fingers. Therefore, by stimulating these meridians with the correct positions of the hands and fingers, it is possible to eliminate the blocks that cause these disorders. The advantage of mudras is that they can be practiced at any time, at home and away from home and also in various positions: from sitting, lying down or even walking.

Here are 5 examples of mudras that can help you prevent or fight certain diseases:

  • MAHA MUDRA (for intestinal disorders): combine the tips of the annular strips with each other and the tips of the little finger and thumb with each hand. Take 10 deep breaths and then change fingers: combine the tips of the little fingers and each hand with the tips of the annular and thumb. Repeat three times a day for 5 minutes.
Maha Mudra
  • LINGA MUDRA (for colds): use it three times a day for 15 minutes. The palms of the hands together and cross the fingers, leaving a thumb upright; surrounds the thumb with the index and thumb of the other hand.
Linga Mudra
  • YONI MUDRA (for stress): the tips of the thumbs touch each other, exerting a modest pressure, while the two indexes touch each other with the first phalanx.
Yoni Mudra
  • Surya Ravi Mudra (to strengthen the muscle tissue): the ring finger touches the thumb slightly and the other fingers remain relaxed.
Surya Ravi Mudra
  • APAAN MUDRA (to eliminate toxins): the middle and the ring finger touch the thumb, while the index and little finger remain slightly tense.

    Apaan Mudra

There are many other mudras that you can also comfortably sit at home. The benefit is insured. Ask me for advice on what to do and why!