Let us train to be happy: this time I am not (only) talking about sport

You have to do what makes you happy, learn how to do it. If I would attend a meeting I would be Dr. Bstieler Anais. A degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences, a Master in Luxury Hotel Management and several courses as a Fitness and Personal Trainer instructor. If I would be having a drink with new friends I would be Anais, with a strong passion for all outdoor activities and everything that gravitates around them. I love listening to music, singing and traveling. Who could say not to love traveling? Among my travels only those in which there are a minimum of 7-8 hours of plane count. The rest are routine trips. I like being with people, although sometimes I can seem a bit snobby.

I smile after writing these lines and my eyes light up. I travel this way, straight to my daily goals between changing diapers. If you find the motivation, winning is an imperative. Without conviction and personal awareness there are neither diets nor gyms that hold. And I say this in a critical period: Christmas holidays. I write it right now because I can not read more about miraculous diets post Christmas dinner, slimming creams, low-calorie food and people who exceed with training. The first step – towards anything – is what comes from within. It is there that changes everything. I’m a mother. Both my husband and I work. I eat well, I do regular physical activity (sometimes I go crazy and I train for an ultra but then I stop), but I enjoy it, I go for an aperitif and especially if want I do eat a slice of cake. There is nothing wrong with doing what makes you feel good. You are not a worse mother if you do not play sports. Maybe you make collages to envy internationally renowned artists. You’re not a better mother if you have to do sport every day. Slow down and enjoy life. We are mothers and that’s it.

I do what makes me feel good at the moment. The concept is very strong. And it’s strange.

After a few very intense days and this profound need to understand, I feel that we need to find serenity again. And then do what makes us feel good, because we value and deserve to be happy.

How do you find what makes you feel good?

This morning I woke up and I decided to take me a moment to write a post that I felt in my stomach, listening to music in my headphones. Because this makes me feel good. And I recommend doing it every day. To spend 30 minutes all for yourself, because serenity is not to be found outside our body, we do not find it in others, but inside us. And a happy person is a person who can also do well for the community and the social context. I really believe it.

Lately I follow some people who say that to feel good you need to make a list of 20 things that you like and dedicate at least half an hour a day to one of these activities.

Here is my list of 20 things that make me feel good


ski mountaineering


manicure, massage and hairdresser

cook healthy food 




listening to music

playing with my daughter

making gifts

taking pictures

organizing trips 

going to the restaurant

being with the people I love

buying sportswear


watching a good movie

baking cakes

helping other people

And twhat makes you feel good? Think about it and draw up your list. Then think about how to do at least one of these things a day and you’re done! That’s why you have to do what makes you feel good: to become a better person.