Kangaroo Training: Gymnastic for mum and baby

In addition to the fitness with the stroller, the Kangaroo training (the baby is in the baby carrier) is another possibility for a postnatal workout. While stroller gymnastics strengthen the maternal and child’s immune system, the benefit of the Kangaroo training is that mums can train with the baby in the baby carrier.

The training is specifically for new moms and their babies’ needs: the mum is keeping fit and the baby cuddles with her and enjoys her closeness.

The Kangaroo training is therefore a good alternative to the stroller training and takes place mainly in the gym, as the last part of the class with stretching and toning takes place on materasse.

During the exercises special attention is paid to the pelvic floor. The mothers are not overwhelmed with an excessive weight of the baby in the baby carrier. This is very important because: postpartum is a delicate phase for any woman and needs to be addressed with appropriate precautionary measures.

Once the mother successfully passes the post-natal check-up at the gynecologist, she can start Kangaroo training.

There are several exercises that can be performed by wearing the baby either in a baby carrier or in a band.

The first and simplest exercise is the “squat” to strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdomen:

squat exercise mum post partum

Another exercise is the “lunge”, either forward or backward: in this case, if necessary, lean on a chair to do the exercise with greater intensity:

exercise lunge mum post partum

In all exercises, mommies must pay attention to their breathing and take deep breaths.

Finally, it is important to finish each session with 5-10 minutes of stretching to avoid muscle pain.

The Kangaroo training not only strengthens the bond between mother and child, but is also more effective because the child is used as a weight during exercises.

And the best thing about it: during training you get to know other mothers and can workout!

In Switzerland, there are various ways to attend a course. For example, you can enter your own zip code and search for a suitable course nearby using Kanga training. Fit Mamas offers classes of all types and levels in Engadin.

rita die angelones mamma fit mamas


Rita from Die Angelones is 48, 2 kids and is writing for the Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich. 

Thanks Rita for helping me spread my motto: because a fit mama is a happier mama and our kids do not need anything else!