How to start running in 21 days

Guide and program

Starting to run after a long time or from scratch is not easy. It is therefore important to follow the right steps to minimize fatigue and risk of injury. Of course, you should consult your doctor before starting. In this way your doctor will be able to evaluate if this is the right sporting activity for you.


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Running in Zuoz

Remember that brand-new mothers, should start running when the pelvic floor is fine. In general we are talking about a period from 4 to 6 months after childbirth, but is subjective.

Minimum equipment

All you need is:

  • running shoes: it is important that the shoes are designed specifically for running and with the right weight and support. There are several stores that you can rely on for running tests. Get advice on the shoe that best suits your needs (we’re not all the same!).
  • Sportswear: sports bra, breathable t-shirt, running shorts
  • Clock or phone that allows us to control the time: there are also many applications that can be downloaded. Among these certainly very valid are Nike + Run Club, Runtastic and Strava. There is also Relive, an application that allows you to receive live video of your route with photos and GPS track.

Training plan

Begin by warming up your muscles with stretching before the race. Rotate your arms back and forward: they also move during the race!

Choose at least three days a week when you want to run and commit yourself not to miss a workout.

The first week alternates 5 minutes of sustained walk to 1 minute of run. Repeat the exercise for at least 35 minutes. Conclude the workout by doing at least 10 minutes of stretching. Drink a lot during the day to recover the lost fluids.

Postrun exercise

The second week decrease the walking minutes alternating 4 minutes of walking to 2 minutes of travel.

In the third week you will be able to run non-stop for all 35 minutes of training.  In all these phases the important thing is not the speed up: in this first phase you will first have to rehabilitate the body to the movement, learn to breathe and prolong the effort. What really matters is continuity: do not interrupt your training halfway and never stop running, but decrease the intensity of the race.

Muscular pains

Muscle pains related to the presence of lactic acid in your muscles will be completely natural: drink a lot to minimize them and do stretching. If on the day of training you will still have some muscular pain, replace the training with a walk and alternate a slow run that will help loosen up the muscles.

running stretching mum fitmamas
Drink a lot after and before workout

At the end of the workout you can do some abdominals or do squats to strengthen the legs.

Always replenish with abundant fluids.


Remember, it is always easier to start a new activity by setting goals. Such goals can be for example a 5km race to start!

Have you start running recently or have you resumed after a long time? Contact me and we will discuss your training plan together!