How to get back in shape after a baby

Getting back in shape after birth requires consistency, but it is certainly not impossible. You should not immediately expect miraculous results because the body needs to recover. But there are some small suggestions on how to behave as soon as you get home from the hospital. Let’s see them together.

Follow an effective diet

Whether you are breastfeeding or not you can follow a diet, provided it is very varied and balanced. The Mediterranean diet is the best because it is rich in fruit, vegetables, cereals, fish and white meat. Try to avoid fat, such as sweets or fried foods, dehydrating substances such as coffee and salt and sweet or carbonated drinks.

Start moving as soon as possible 

The first 40 days what you can do is walk a lot, even home, if you can not get out. Combine the so-called Kegel exercises, aimed at rehabilitating the pelvic floor. Do not underestimate the risks of loss of tone in this area because they can cause long-term damage such as urinary incontinence or prolapse. When forces allow you, you can start over with real workouts. Activities such as running, along with all activities that involve jumping and rebounding (zumba, jumping rope) are not recommended until 6 months after birth or generally until your pelvic floor is not well again.

Train with your baby

If you think that training for a mom is impossible, maybe you do not know the wonders of doing the exercises involving the child There are many gyms that organize training courses with newborns, first placed in the baby carrier, then in the stroller. Attend a group course and do not train alone, because the group stimulates the will to do it and then it is more fun with other mothers and children. Training with the child will also free you from the need to entrust it to someone, and then spend all the time alone in anxiety, wondering what he is doing.

Listen to your body

Always follow the rhythms of your body. Getting back to training after pregnancy is important, but the key thing is your well-being, on which your child’s depends. Take care of yourself, enjoy your free time with your little one, take walks, stay in the open air, take afternoon naps when the baby sleeps … it will reduce stress after pregnancy, and let you enjoy the precious moments that are waiting for you.