How I decided to quit to do sport

Sport is the best medicine.

In life I have always been convinced that there is a time to put one’s hand to one’s destiny and revolutionize your life.

Leaving my country of origin in search of a new stimulus has never frightened me. Therefore, after traveling and living in different countries, I found myself in my beloved Switzerland.

A life studying languages ​​and a career in the hotel industry. The future seemed already written.

In a matter of fact that everyone knows that around the age of 30, the first alarm bells start to ask: “Does this job really make me happy?”. The answer is no.

So many people around me are unhappy with their lives and do not have the courage to change it.

After months of hard work, finally arrives the first certificate of Personal Trainer and then as a Fitness Instructor. I get specialized in pre and post natal activities and started to understand that this was the right path.

training mountain baby sport
Me and Sofie training together

I used to believe that sport was just a hobby for me. I realized it was my passion. So why not make your own work your passion? It begins a journey in search of the road to be undertaken. On this journey I lost that job on which I relied.

I thought it was a sign of destiny. I realized that I was wrong and I had to start again from the beginning.

“What are the things that make me happier?”

I started again from all of these: travels, unique moments with my daughter Sofie and sport. 

From this spring the Engadine, St. Moritz and in particular Zuoz, the place where I live, have become a destination where mothers can come with their children on holiday and do sport with them. Fit Mamas starts. I feel fulfilled when I help mothers to keep fit.

There are two motivations that push me to move forward: to see that the mothers come back happy and satisfied with ea

training sport baby mum mountain trail running
Training for Engadin Ultraks

ch of my classes and have had the courage to change my life.

No break from work. The short time I have it is used in writing and in some trail running projects I am training for. 

The positive side? I can bring my daughter to work.

I decided to raise my daughter here. Engadin is a fantastic place and people value sport activities like mine.

I started advertising my business, I received messages from villages, from the tourism office and the Swiss Tourism Committee.

Everyone is excited about my offer. They are ready to support me. 

In a few weeks I already have about ten mothers who write me for information. After about a month I was appointed Family Ambassador for Engadin Ultraks, a trail running event in Engadine and will get interviewed by the Engadiner Post, our local newspaper. 

However, despite my determination, there are many difficulties. Starting from the economic ones: I am very rational. Being aware that I would have a lot of expenses, I saved some money to start the business.

I worked immediately online and I was surprised by the reaction of the people. Not just for membership, but also for shares on social networks.

trekking sport mountain engadin mum baby
Babytrekking with mummies

The greatest satisfaction, however, is another: I have received messages from people who admire me for having had the courage to make this happen. Some people have told me that my decision gave them the courage to change their lives. Many mothers are already enrolled in the courses throughout the summer and thank me for bringing this type of activity to Engadine.

And for the future, this time, I have clear ideas: I would like to offer my courses all over the world and travel with my daughter thanks to sport. 

Want to join my classes or to have information how to join a class in the place where you live? Send me and E-Mail!