Get back into shape after a baby

A child changes your life, and you often have to think about how to get a grip on all the things that used to be part of your daily routine. Physical activity is part of this things.

 If the dream of every mother is to get back into shape after birth, it is often not so easy to find the psychophysical balance and be able to do both. Especially in the first phase, it is a fundamental step to rely on the right people. Time never seems to be enough and delegating to a professional instructor is the first step you have to take.

That’s why a new specific training for new mothers is born: the fitness with the stroller. It helps you to lose weight and fight cellulite and above all everything is done together with your child!

The course is designed ad hoc according to the needs of mother and child and always takes place in the open air. The idea comes from the US and specifically from New York, where many women use the beautiful days to train with the children in Central Park.

The classe takes about an hour and includes warm-up exercises, muscle building, stretching and relaxation. The advantage of these outdoor exercises is that both mothers and babies can strengthen the immune system and recharge their batteries.

The course is designed for mothers after at least six weeks giving birth. Special attention is given to the strengthening and recovery of the pelvic floor as well as to the abdominal and back muscles.


What you need is just a pair of comfortable shoes, sportswear and , of course, the stroller. You do not even need a sport buggy as most lessons take place on routes easily accessible to each stroller.

You will then discover contact with nature and the outside world through positive and healthy activities together with your child. One of the nicest things is that you can meet other mothers and work out together.

Do you have thousands of commitments and is it difficult to sign up in the gym? That’s the ideal workout!