Coop Familenwanderung: the perfect day for all families

Coop Familenwanderung

I’ve always dreamed of being part of a fairytale. Today my dream has become reality. The best part was that I could fulfill the dream together with my little Sofie.

We had a nice walk of about two hours, met the characters of Alice in Wonderland and played and interacted with them. We had a lot of fun and there were many surprises for the kids.

The Stazerwald has been the perfect location for this free initiative, which was a success, and for the first time invited several families. The initiative was made possible through the collaboration of Coop and Hello Family, who, along with other equally important sponsors, decided to launch this wonderful event promoting outdoor movement for families. 

The Route

Today the event was in Engadin, starting in Pontresina, a village that has been awarded with the label “Family Destination” for years.

The tent, built by the organization, was very nicely decorated. As soon as we entered we were greeted by a very nice girl who showed us the way to the hike. In general, the organization was excellent.

As a welcome gift we received a picnic blanket, snacks and drinks for the walk. In the tent there were games and activities for every kid. All the people were very friendly and prepared. In one of the tents there was sunscreen for the children, as in the mountains sun protection for the skin is very important.

On the way we met many other families and all children were very fascinated by the characters and activities that were to be admired in several stations. For example, there was Alice and the Queen of Hearts, whose guards defended the railroad crossing. Besides this example, there were many other famous fairy tale characters to discover during the hike.   From the starting point in Pontresina we arrived after about 2.5 kilometers at the Lake of Staz. 

The whole way was possible with the stroller and even Sofie, who is only one and a half years old, could walk almost all the way.  

How to register  

The Coop Familienwanderung is an event for the whole family and takes place from June to September at ten different locations in the German and western Switzerland. Each family hike can be started individually between 10:00 and 13:30.  

In order to register for the next events, go to the website of the Coop Familienwanderung and enter your data. By registering you will receive multiple Coop discount coupons that you can use to prepare the Pic Nic for the hike or even later on.  

When is the next Coop Familenwanderung? 

The next Coop Familenwanderung will take place in Villars on Saturday, August 4th.  


I have always been a promoter of outdoor activities for families, but I have to say that my expectations have definitely been exceeded. Walking with children has never been so fun and interactive!   You will not regret a participation!